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our pack

Buckle in, there is a few of us....


Natalie is a full time dog lover and has her own little growing farm at home. With the help of her own two pups Maggie and Jax, Nat's love for dogs has grown bigger and deeper. After wanting to get out and do what she loves for years, she finally took the plunge and is out and about showing your pooches some great new walks and lots of amazing time with new friends!


Don't let these two fool you - they may look cool, calm, and collected here but the level of energy these two create is unmatched. Jax and Maggie are a playful pair who love nothing more than running in and out of hedges and finding sticks to carry throughout their morning walks with Nat! These two will pop in and join your pooches throughout their time with us and show them the ropes!

Jax and Maggie

Lizzie grew up immersed in all things dog! With a childhood full of spaniels, bigger breeds of her own, and a crazy grandmother with 13 rescue dogs - she's had her fair share of pooches. Liz has worked as a manager of a busy dog daycare and has been a walker for some time now. With Nat and the two loves of her life - Bailey and Marlow - she decided to find a way to provide the same fun-filled adventures that she has spent years finding!


These two troublemakers can be found in a few spots - whether it's stealing pears from the pear tree in the garden or sitting by the fridge door waiting for their daily carrot sticks. Bailey is the chief socialisation manager, whilst Marlow is our self-declared treats supervisor. The two make an awesome pair and will also be meeting and greeting your fur-babies to make sure they always feel welcomed!

Bailey and Marlow

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